The Lodge meets at The Keep, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedfordshire on the first Tuesday in the months of February (Installation), March, April, May October and December.

The Standing Committee meets on the Friday before a Lodge meeting which is immediately followed by an Officers meeting.
The Lodge of Instruction meets on the Second Tuesday in the months of January, February, March, April (AGM), May, June, September, October, November and December.


The Worshipful Master

Masonry has certainly proved to me to be a challenging science, it takes time, effort and determination to progress through the various degrees.

It also has its rewards, a sense of enormous wellbeing and pride when ritual has been demonstrated to the high stand to which we aspire.

And, of course, the massive good we all help to achieve by the huge range of charities that we all support, and it is here, by our support and donations worldwide which demonstrates the true goodness of Freemasonry.”

W Bro Roly Hockenhull

Worshipful Master of Gilbert Inglefield Lodge No. 8009

February 2020

Current Officers of the Lodge

W Bro. Rowland Hockenhull PPrJGW Worshipful Master
Bro. Bryan Jappy Senior Warden
Bro. James Mallows Junior Warden
W Bro. Alan Ormsby PPrGReg Chaplain
W Bro. Richard Ward PAGDC Treasurer
W Bro. Geoff Stone PPrJGW Secretary
W Bro. Adrian Lennox-Lamb PPrJGD Director of Ceremonies
W Bro. Terence Donnelly PPrSGD Almoner
W Bro. Kevin King PPrJGD Charity Steward
W Bro. Ian Walker PAGDC Mentor
W Bro. Niel Barrett PPrGReg Senior Deacon
Bro. David Bentley Junior Deacon
W Bro. Terence Donnelly PPrSGD Asst. Director of Ceremonies
W Bro. John Jappy Jr. PPrGStB Asst. Secretary
Bro. Gary Cunningham Inner Guard
Bro. Robert Cass Steward
W Bro. Ian Walker PAGDC Tyler
W Bro. Timothy Pope PJGD Guest Organist