The Lodge History

The Gilbert Inglefield Lodge No 8009 was consecrated by Sir Gilbert Inglefield on the 5th day of January in the year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Five at Robert Bruce School, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedfordshire.

The lodge owes its existence to W Bro. Donald Edward Palmer who in early in 1964 considered the possibility of forming a new Lodge in Bedford and, following discussions with W Bro. William Turnbull Hobkirk, it was decided that this aim should be pursued.

An informal meeting was held at W Bro Hobkirk’s house over tea, which was also attended by Bro. George Barry Wake. Founder Members were discussed and W Bro. Palmer proposed several members who were interested and the names of Bro. John Frederick Barley and Bro. Gordon Basil Kemp Small were proposed by Bro. Wake.
All these Brethren were invited to W. Bro. Hobkirk’s house at Moorlands, Box End Kempston to further discuss the subject.    W Bro. Palmer agreed to approach the Sir William Harper Lodge No 1433 and request them to be sponsors for the new Lodge and this was subsequently confirmed.

A full history of the lodge between 1965 and 2015 is contained in the aniversary booklet below.  This booklet was publishe for our 50th Aniversary meeting held on 5th May 2015.  At this meeting there were representatives from our twinned Lodge in Bamberg Germany as well as the full team of Provincial Officers, includioing the Provincial Grand Master.

This booklet contains details of the principal officers of the Lodge up to and including the aniversary year.  Details of the Maters of the Lodge as from 2015 are continied below the booklet.


Past Masters of the Lodge as from 2015

2015 W Bro. Alan Ormsby PPrGReg
2016 W Bro. Alan Ormsby PPrGReg
2017 W Bro. John Jappy Jr. PPrGStB
2019 W Bro. Paul Watkins
2020 W Bro. Rowland Hockenhull PPrJGW